Anil Chaudhary turns ‘hero’, resolves network problems in village

Anil Chaudhary, an umpire in ICC’s international panel, is now a hero in his ancestral village in Uttar Pradesh after he managed to resolve the longstanding problem of communication amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Before it, a photo went viral in the social media where he is seen he had to climb trees for mobile network.

Chaudhary was supposed to umpire in the India-South Africa ODI series before the pandemic set in. As the pandemic got worse therefore he left for his native village Dangrol in Uttar Pradesh on March 15 planning to stay for a week. Unfortunately, with the nationwide lockdown being enforced, he had to stay put in his village as before his expectations. With zero mobile network coverage in Dangrol, life almost came to a standstill for the 42-year-old.

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Chaudhary had to walk more than half a kilometer into the paddy fields, climb a tree beside a tubewell, and then get some network (if fortunate enough), to maintain communication, be it ICC’s online programs for umpires or speaking to his loved ones in Delhi.

However, the harrowing exercise exists no more after a telecom company contacted him and set up a mobile tower in his village.

“I never imagined this initiative would be so beneficial for our village. There is a professor from Jalandhar who is now able to take classes. Students are happy because now they do not have to sit in the fields, fight mosquitoes, and attend online classes,” Chaudhary told over phone.

“Earlier, it used to take three-four days to transfer money, now it takes just few hours,” he said.

“I would like to thank umpire Chaudhary for his initiative. He is a hero to us. Amidst the pandemic, this is a small issue but it has helped us a long way. Our panchayat member Manish Chauhan and local MLA Tejinder Narwal spoke to Jio network who got the job done and we all thank them for making life a lot easier for all of us here,” he added.

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