Ashraful having sympathy of the cricketers

After begging forgiveness to the nation Ashraful is having sympathy of his colleagues as well as of the general people. Lots of people were caught by emotion seeing Ashraful crying. Many of the cricketers and cricket-organizers gave consolation by directly communicating with him. Even those who didn’t phone or communicate are backing Ashraful, too.

Mashrafi-Bin-Murtoza, who was known to be one of  the best mates of Ash in the cricket arena, has expressed sympathy to Ashraful. ‘Me and Ashraful was completely different in character, but somehow we two had kind of a great interaction. I just think that, Ashraful was, is and always will be a great asset for Bangladesh cricket and just hope that, as he did confession before everything came to the light he should have a minimum reward for this.’ Mashrafi said in front of the media.

‘I have relation with Ashraful for about 18 years. Provided that he is out of cricket our relation won’t be affected by this. He is getting punishment for his misdeeds, if everyone turns away where he would go.’ –was said by his colleague and former captain of the national team Shahriar Nafees.

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‘I think Ashraful has showed courage by admitting everything to Anti Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU). This is really admiring. He could have negated everything. Although he admitted everything under interrogation, I think this will be good for Bangladesh cricket. Those who are involved in match fixing will definitely be scared, even someone will think twice to do so if they are planning to do.’ Nafees added. Although Nafees said to stand by him as a friend he also said that he deserves to be punished. ‘If there was my name instead of Ashraful I would have wanted my punishment as well. He should be punished quantifying his level of crime. If not, others will think that they would have chance. There is no place for emotion. ICC shows us the video footage s, how to get away from these and advises to inform to ACSU if there is any kind of proposal before every series. Ashraful has done this neglecting all these things. So I think he deserves to be punished.’ Shahriar Nafees said.

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