Ashraful's report on its way to England

The BCB might receive some really bad news on ICC’s this times annual conference. The reports on the BPL fixing prepared by ACSU might be handed over to the president of the BCB, Nazmul Hossain Papon, on the 26th of June.

A reliable source within the board said that these reports might be handed over this meeting and there is reason to believe that there might be some very bad news waitinAshraful Fixingg for the president of BCB Papon at England.

Since Mohammad Ashraful had confessed to him being tied up in BPL match fixings he is being seen with a more considerable eye by the ACSU. The ACSU is also using information that Ashraful is providing them to track down other people involved in the fixing plots.

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Even though Mohammadd Ashraful had confessed to the BPL match fixings upon interrogation, he had confessed to being involved in international fixings on his own will. For this ACSU has promised Ashraful a minimum punishment of a probable 1 to 2 years suspension from cricket.

There were also some rumors which said that Ashrqful might go to England to talk to the ACSU representatives before they publish the report , but Ashraful had confirmed that the rumors were not true and he told the news. “I have visa to go to England. I can go anytime I want, but currently I am not going. ACSU had not even called me to talk to them.”

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