Ashwin’s ‘Mankad’ bust-up inspires Traffic Police in India

Ravichandran Ashwin’s Mankad was in fact, the first ever in IPL history, which also took the world by a shock after he trapped Jos Buttler out, in what turned out to be a game-changing moment for the Kings XI. Several other cricketers and fans were not happy with Ashwin’s act as they said that he didn’t play in the spirit of the game, but Ashwin believes his act was within the ICC rules.

Ashwin and Buttler argue after the "Mankad" incident

“I didn’t even load and he just left the crease. We ended on the right side of the coin, but I definitely think that those are game-changing moments and batsmen need to be wary of it,” Ashwin added.

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“No real argument to that. I didn’t even load and he left the crease. It’s always been my take on it, because it’s my half of the crease,” skipper Ashwin said after the match.

“We ended on the right side of it but those things are game-changers and batsmen need to be wary of it”, he added.

Ashwin thinks this is fair which may be right or wrong but the majority of them thinks otherwise. Well, that’s not the case here as even the third umpire who was supposed to make the right kind of decision gave ‘Out’.

The incident happened when Jos Buttler was well set on 69. After Buttler’s dismissal which happened in an unexpected way, Rajasthan Royals lost the plot as they began to lose wickets in quick successions and lost to Kings XI Punjab by 14 runs for the first time ever Jaipur home venue.

Kolkata Police’s latest campaign steals the spotlight

Meanwhile, the Kolkata Police used the ‘mankad’ controversy in a rather creative way in order to send a powerful message to the residents of the city through their latest movement which became viral on social media. The Kolkata Police snapped the picture of Jos Buttler’s dismissal along with a picture which showed a car crossing the line, with a caption which read, “Crease or road, you will regret, if you cross the line”.

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