Baahubali’s Prabhas or Warner?

The footballers have done a lot to entertain the fans during the coronavirus pandemic. The toilet roll challenge, the challenge of shaving the head, some have even served as headlines in the lockdown. The cricket world is a little quieter than football.

Baahubali's Prabhas or Warner?

However, Australia star opener David Warner has taken the responsibility of entertaining the supporters on his shoulders.

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Warner is showing off his singing, dancing and acting talents using TikTok. He also got his wife and children as companions. He is publishing those videos on Instagram. This time, he wore the custom of ‘Baahubali’, the main character of the popular movie ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’. By imitating Telugu actor Prabhas, wearing a warrior costume, Warner posted a picture of the two on Instagram and asked, “Who’s costume do you prefer?”

The love of Indian fans has gained a lot with this post. Someone named him, ‘Davidbali’. Some have called him ‘Davidenda Baahubali’. Some say Australian Baahubali or Warnarendrabali. One jokes again, “Katappa (Baahubali’s opponent in the film) wants to know your address.”

Warner’s passion for Bollywood or Telugu films is well felt in this year’s lockdown. A few days ago, he danced to the song ‘Mukkala Mukabla’ with his wife and daughter. A few days ago, he also danced to the tune of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Bala’. Akshay himself is fascinated by that dance! He commented, “All okay!” Virat Kohli also gave an emo of laughter in Warner’s post.