Bangladesh Cricketer Involved in IPL Spot Fixing

IPL spot fixing’, is undergoing an enormous investigation. A Bangladeshi cricketer is under suspicion to be involved in this, lately. A source of police has told ‘CIN-IBN’ that a leading Bangladeshi cricketer is involved with the bookmakers. But they also ensured that, he has never played IPL. His name was not published. He couldn’t be called on to question because of the legitimated problems.

The source had also informed that, the mainstay of the bookie group Sunil brought out Baburau Jadob to play Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Delhi police has arrested this Baburao Jadob ,too.

Police got further proofs against the arrested cricketer of Rajasthan Royals, Ajit Chandila, that he had communication with the bookie from Patiala.

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Reporter: Mizanur Rahman