Bangladesh targets World Cup Semi Final

Bangladesh U-19 team is now in West Indies to take part in Youth World Cup.

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Maksud Haque

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Bangladesh, which is going to play Youth World Cup as the defending champion, is looking forward to the semi-finals this time. The Tigers are quite optimistic about the team, trying to move forward with smaller goals.
Bangladesh targets World Cup Semi Final
Bangladesh U-19 team is now in West Indies to take part in Youth World Cup. In a conversation from there, the youth team leader Rakibul Hasan said that he wants to play well for the semi-final with a balanced team from the very beginning.
Rakibul said, "Like last time, this time too it is a good team. This time there are many all-rounders in the team which was lacking last time. We did well. This time the team is balanced." 
"We are planning to play in the semifinals. Besides, we have small goals, like group stage, one-on-one matches - that's all there is to it."
The team that won the title last time has some members of that side. Rakibul is one of them. He is sharing his experience with the new members of the team, who have come to play in a global tournament for the first time.
Rakibul said, "It was a great feeling to be in the champion team last time. This time we who are in the last team are all trying to explain the rest of the team to play. We mean them - playing as a team will result in any match." 
"In each match, one person should stand as required, whoever needs to stand should fulfill his responsibility towards the team. It works great in the end."
There is a lot of fear of losing the badge of the defending champion. It is normal to work under pressure from that fear. However, Rakibul wants to forget the previous success and start anew, so the mantra is to stay as stress free as possible.
He said, "There is always pressure. Thinking about it will increase the pressure. We are now focusing on how to be successful in our first match. There is no pressure like that. ''
Rakibul said he was enjoying the leadership, adding, "Last time I was a junior. This time I got experience and leadership. Enjoying leadership, there are additional responsibilities. And I always like to take challenges." 
"Last time experience I am sharing with everyone. And before coming to the World Cup, I played with big cricketers in some domestic tournaments."