Barishal coach furious over young-star's irresponsibility

There was no way he can accept such pathetic failure of his team.

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Maksud Haque

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Khaled Mahmud Sujon cannot forget the defeat in the final of the eighth edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). He has expressed extreme anger and dissatisfaction over the two stars of the national team Nurul Hasan Sohan and Nazmul Hossain Shanto for not being able to win the team despite the simple equation.
Barishal coach furious over young-star's irresponsibility
After restricting Comilla in a moderate total of151 runs during the final on Friday (February 18), Barishal got off to a good start with the bat. Even at the very end of the match, win was within reach for them. Two national team stars- Nurul Hasan Sohan and Nazmul Hossain Shanto were at the crease.
However, none of them could play an effective role in winning the contest. Instead, increased the pressure of the team, as the duo returned to the dressing room rapidly. Eventually Barishal lost by 1 run. Therefore, coach Khaled Mahmud Sujon is very unhappy with their performance.
"Stay away from thinking about losing this match, it was a situation how early we would win.We lost that match by 1 run. We needed 19 runs from 21 balls, two players of the national team on the field, they only needed to think about how to get the match done.  But, I died in a daze. This is the biggest sorrow."
When national team cricketers fail to achieve the required runs equal to the balls in remaining, it is not unreasonable to question their ability. Sujon also raised that question. There was no way he can accept such pathetic failure of his team.
"It is difficult if you do not have that attitude, that aggression. Why plan to take 18 runs from 18 balls? This 18 runs can be achieved with 12 balls. I have the power, I do gym, I train every day, I hit six, if necessary I will hit six again."
He added, "Have a look at Sunil Narine's batting. He's not really a batter. He has been hitting sixes in the last two matches, he has not stopped. The commentary says it is better to take a single after hitting a six. But that is in 50 overs cricket."
Although the veterans did well in BPL but except for the seniors, Sujon was extremely disappointed as other domestic cricketers could not prove their worth in such a great platform to showcase their skill.
"Everyone who has done well are reknown names," the former national captain said.  "Tamim, Shakib, Riyad, Mustafiz; Mushfiqur's some good innings. Mrittunjoy, Munim and Tanvir has also done well.
"But I expected more from young guys. They couldn't impress me that way to be honest. But I'm hopeful they will. It was an opportunity for them."
Lastly, Sujon warned that losing such opportunity again and again will not bring any benefit. "It is not wise attitude by them. Bangladesh cricket will advance. Our cricket is around them. There is a little trouble here. If you can't survive the pressure, it will become difficult." 
"The pressure will be always on, especially in limited overs cricket. You have to learn to take these pressures."