Video Clip: Batting Wonder little Imran

imran batting stands

The cover drives remind one of Shakib al Hasan or Tamim Iqbal. The lofted strokes on the onside are a reminiscent of Jayasuriya in his prime. But he is popularly associated with “Chris Gayle”. The person with such amazing characteristics is aged, unbelievably, just four. His name is Imran.

Imran lives in a slum behind Khilgaon Taltola market. His father Abdul Mannan, a rickshaw puller by profession, was throwing him balls at the Graveyard field beside the slum, and Imran was happily dispatching them to all parts of the ground. A few people murmured, “he has talent, but he is born in a poor family”.

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It was 12 30 then. People watching him play said he had been batting continuously since 9 in the morning, and  besides his father, other children in the locality, who are aged higher than him, was bowling as well. He doesn’t have a television at home and sometimes watches matches at his neighbour’s house. When asked about his favourite batsman, he replied “Shakib al Hasan” (he could not pronounce it properly, he is that young!)

Abdul Mannan bowls to his son for a whole morning once every week as Imran prefers to bat against his father. It is a wonder because no one taught him to bat. It is difficult for him to watch television as his family can’t afford one. Normally even children aged 7-8 struggle to hold a cricket bat properly. And here we have Imran, a four year old child who bats so well that every afternoon local people come to the Graveyard field to watch him bat. When asked about how he could perform this batting at such a young age, his father replies, “He liked to smash broken bricks with wooden sticks when he was one”.

Imran definitely has some god gifted talent, but it needs to be nurtured. As he comes from a poor family background, somebody needs to take care of his cricket training and education. If he gets proper facilities and opportunities, he can be a future Shakib, Jayasuriya or Chris Gayle.

Photo, video and information courtesy: Priyo .com

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