BCB election looms large

Choosing the Bangladesh Cricket Board plunged into a deep crisis as members of the division and district sports associations were deeply wounded as chairman Nazmul Hasan met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to discuss issues related to the recent elections without their knowledge despite having promised earlier.

The incident literally poured cold water on recent developments initiated by the head of the BCB to close the gap between the two sides in order to advance the conduct of elections, as it has become imperative to meet the requirement of the International Council Cricket.“No need to play hide-and-seek,” said an influential member of the Chittagong Divisional Sports Association New Age on Tuesday. 
President of the BCB (Nazmul) promised us notified in advance of any decision regarding the next election BCB said.“This was the realization that we had after the last meeting at which the election is said BCB would take place through the participation of all,” he said.The BCB is running out to avoid a sanction by the International Criminal Court, which sets a deadline for an elected body in June 2013.At the General Meeting of the International Criminal Court in 2011, it was agreed that all boards have an independent members elected in June 2012. Time Another 12 months (until June 2013) occurred before the ICC said it would consider sanctions.Nazmul had already sat down with members of the DSA and even repeatedly promised to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with them to ensure their participation in the elections to be stopped now.The decision on the matter is still pending in the Supreme Court after it was the order of the Supreme Court outlawing changes to constitutional reform as the current ad-hoc committee charged with the responsibility to complete an election within 90 days under a constitutional amendment, made several changes in the amended Constitution, to bring the matter to court.BCB ad-hoc committee member Ismail Haider Mallick said the BCB president went straight home from the prime minister’s house before embarking for Singapore.‘The meeting could have been about the next election, “said Mallick.Previously, members of the ad-hoc committee of the BCB admitted that the issue of the next election will be discussed at a board meeting in four days on Monday, with the possibility of an election announcement date, but surprisingly, the meeting was suspended.
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