‘BCB has the financial capability to continue for next five years’

The coronavirus epidemic has caused huge financial losses to the world. Economy has been stalled due to lockdown in the country. World sports have also suffered financial losses. After this epidemic, the cricket boards may also have to go through financial turmoil.

'BCB has the financial capability to continue for next five years'

Such an idea comes from the economic analysis of experts. In that light, the ‘Times of India’ has reported on the financial loss of cricket. They wrote in a report that cricket boards in countries other than India and England could be financially bankrupted. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has also been placed on the list of possible bankruptcies.

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But the chief executive officer (CEO) of the BCB Nizamuddin Chowdhury disagrees with the report. The official claimed that without any income the BCB has the capability to run for five years with proper planning and financial management.

Nizamuddin believes the Times of India report has included Bangladesh because it has no clear idea about the economic viability and management of the BCB. He said,

“The report may have been made with the IPL as a model. In our context, according to the FTP, we do not see any reason for BCB’s financial loss. In the context of the global economy, future series sales may have an impact.

“In that case, if we take the right planning and financial management, the question of insolvency does not arise. Rather, I would say that BCB has the financial capability to continue for the next five years.”

According to the FTP, the national team has two home series against Australia and New Zealand until next November. Nizamuddin said, “’Revenue’ does not come from these two series.” The CEO Nizamuddin also shows a deep concern, “Australia and New Zealand series is not a revenue generating series. If we had a home series against India, Pakistan and England, then we would suffer financial loss. Because if you play against these three teams, the profit comes more. So I am not financially disadvantaged by the FTP comitment.”

BCB CEO claims that if there is discipline in the proper planning and financial system, no other cricket board in the world should have problems. Because every board receives revenue from the ICC.

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