BCB not happy with the cricketers and CWAB

Cricketers protest Dhaka Premier League delay
Cricketers protest Dhaka Premier League

There are 120 listed cricketers who have agreement with the Bangladesh Cricket Board(BCB). Bangladesh’s national players are also in the list. The players who are in the contract received salary from BCB in every month. BCB also provided the insurance facility to the cricketers. These cricketers are now standing against BCB, complain sort of like that is now coming along from the BCB officials. They think that, the general secretary of Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) Debobroto Paul is guilty for that.

In the law it is mentioned that, no cricketer can position against BCB. If the condition is broken, BCB can punish the cricketers. They can abolish the contract whenever they want. The acting CEO of BCB, Nizamuddin Chowdhury  said , ‘ No player within the contract can do anything which is against the board and anything which is against the discipline. This rule is not only for the cricketers who are within contract, any player who is under BCB cannot do anything like this.’

Now Bangladesh Cricket Board can ban those cricketers who are against BCB and committed not to play in the Dhaka Premier League.

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