BCB not want to put cricketers at risk

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has continued its official activities but the field game has been stopped for two and a half months. Cricketers have been under home quarantine since March 17.

BCB not want to put cricketers at risk

Even after spending a long time in the highest alert, when the coronavirus situation of the country is not improving, the question arises, how much more. If the cricketers of the national team spend more time lazily, it will definitely have an effect if they suddenly go down to play a match. However, the BCB does not want to risk returning to the field without ensuring 100% protection for the cricketers.

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BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said,

“We are definitely thinking how to get the game back. Because we have ICC FTP, we have Premier League. We have a plan for everything. We are doing our job. First we will prepare the office, we will do whatever it takes to disinfect, we will do whatever it takes to ensure 100% practice facilities for the players.”

“After preparing these, if the real situation says that we can start practicing in accordance with ICC protocol, they have also given a guideline, then we will start following what other countries are doing. There is no chance to rush here. In such a situation, in case of an accident, the responsibility will fall on the cricket board,” he added.

The government did not extend the holiday period after Eid. All shops are open to a limited extent. Public transport will also run in the heart of the capital from Monday. Although the situation in coronavirus is getting worse day by day, but people’s life has started to become normal. The urge to make a living has made life miserable. People are running to their destinations with the fear of infection. They’re joining in groups.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Ministry of Youth and Sports issued a circular on March 16 announcing the suspension of all sports in the country. The situation in the country is still not under control. On the contrary, the number of infected patients and deaths is increasing day by day. BCB does not want to put cricketers at risk by thinking about the real situation.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in the current context. The government’s directive is not just for the sports federation. It is the government’s directive on matters of public importance.

“Sports are but a much later part of human life. It’s part of the entertainment. Important for those of you who work here or me or cricketers. Because if there is no play, I won’t have a job. What are we going to do? Apart from this, sports is not important for 10 percent of the people of the country. People are not thinking about outdoor entertainment now. Instead, they are more concerned with how to stay healthy,” said the BCB CEO.

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