Decision Review System: A big issue for BCB

Mushfiqur Rahim appeals for a wicket of Brendon Taylor
Bangladesh, one of the most emerging  and developing cricket playing nations of the world, which has almost branded itself as a team that is consistently doing well at home but not so at abroad. Many cricket analyzers from Bangladesh said about the lack of ability to play  bounce and lack of ability to handle pressure. Another reason that has been stated by many analyzers for recent couple of days mostly after the Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe-2013 is ‘Bad Umpiring’.
This issue has been mainly in talk right after Bangladesh’s tour of Srilanka. There was some decisions which has been gone  against Bangladesh and those decisions really affected the result. For instance, the decision that was given against Mohammad Ashraful in the only  t-20 match. This decision would clearly go in favor of Ashraful if there was Decision Review System, instantly said by the commentators. That was the decision that literally turned the game. Another recent example is in Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe t-20 match. In the particular match two local umpires of Zimbabwe tried to literally give nothing in favor of Bangladesh team. The LBW decision of Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim was an absolute shocker  and while Bangladesh was fielding they turned off two close calls of LBW appeal.
Nevertheless, as Bangladesh is a developing nation of the cricket arena, little mistakes make huge differences. The team has to get some close calls in favor of them to win matches. As a less important cricket playing nation it hardly gets the elite umpires in their matches. The umpires with little experiences are provided in their matches ,who usually make bunch of mistakes in giving decisions. Countries like India can manage the best of umpires in their matches, so absence of Decision Review System is not supposed to be a big deal for them.
So, The Bangladesh Cricket Board has to come alive in terms of this decision. Obviously , the monetary issue involved here is a big deal. But BCB must take an agile step regarding this issue. If they really want to see Bangladesh  competitive at abroad as they are at home they have to make a consolidated decision about this.
Reported by Mizan Rahman
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