BCCI permits families for IPL

Pakistan cricket team players could not take their wives, children and family members on the tour of England due to coronavirus alert. So they’ll have to play the tour for almost two months apart from their families.

BCCI permits families for IPL

The same fear was felt in the minds of Indian cricketers. The time could have been 150 days for them away from their wives and children. However, the Indian Premier League (IPL) organizers have given good news. Cricketers will be able to keep their wives and children in the IPL starting next September.

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However, in this case, there are several rules to follow. To mitigate the risk of coronavirus spread, the organizers have published a detailed 16-page set of rules entitled ‘Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)’. There is permission to take with wives. However, there are some rules to be maintained.

All players and team staff must undergo at least 5 mandatory COVID-19 PCR tests before going to play in the IPL. The family members of the players also have to undergo these tests. However, family members cannot go to the field from the hotel with the players. They have to enjoy the match from the hotel.

If a player or any of his family members violates the rules laid down by the organizers, that player will be punished accordingly under the IPL Code of Contact Rules. All the rules that players will follow in the tournament will also apply to family members.

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