BCCI publishes ‘SOP’ for IPL including Electronic Team Lists

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has developed the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the Indian Premier League (IPL). All the members of the eight teams have to go through all the strict rules to create a bio-safety zone.

BCCI publishes 'SOP' for IPL including Electronic Team Lists

It is being considered to introduce electronic team list by removing the practice of exchanging lists of cricketers written on paper during the toss. The toss should be done according to the distance rules and according to the perpetual custom, the handshake should not be done before or after the toss. No mascot can enter. One has to sit in the dug-out as well, following the distance rules.

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According to the Indian daily Anandabazar, the ‘SOP’ includes- all members have to live in complete solitary confinement for six days after arriving in the UAE. Everyone will be tested three times in these six days. As long as the results of the three tests are ‘negative’, no one will be able to leave their hotel room. Even cricketers from the same team cannot meet each other.

If anyone go with the family of the cricketers, he can stay together in the hotel. However, none of them can go in the team bus. That means Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma can go to the stadium to watch the game. But the road to meet her husband Virat Kohli has been closed. Cricket fans should also be prepared to watch the scene where the twelfth person is putting sanitizer in his hand before entering the field with water. Cricketers will also be seen using sanitizers at every break. There are more. If a team physio or trainer needs to touch and care for a player, he or she must come with a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit. Everyone has to wear a mask except during play time. Members who are not playing are also advised to use ‘Face Shield’.

All team members must have a water bottle with their name written on it. Other people’s things cannot be used. Although journalists are allowed to come on the field, cricketers will take part in video conferencing at the press conference. The practice of appearing in person has stopped.

One doctor should be kept with each group. Two days ago, BCCI sent a 100-page SOP to all state cricket bodies. There have been a lot among these in the IPL guidelines. For example, spend as little time as anyone can in the dressing room. Team meetings are held in the open field, repeated use of sanitizer or washing hands with soapy water, ask the whole team to come straight to the field after the match. So that less time is spent in the dressing room. Even if anyone enter the dressing room, he’s told to follow the distance rules.

Eight teams have been asked to stay in separate hotels. They have been asked to fly to Emirates from India. They have also been advised stay in small hotel. So that only members of that IPL team can stay in that hotel and other guests are less likely to come in contact. If anyone has to stay in a big hotel, then he has to stay in a completely different part. Breakfast, lunch or dinner is not allowed in the hotel with other guests. He has to eat at home.

Before leaving for the Emirates, every Indian cricketer has to be present in his team’s city and stay in quarantine for 14 days. Everyone, local and foreign, has to come to the Emirates with two ‘negative’ reports. The new addition to the IPL is Medical Manager. Those who go with the team must report the physical history to the medical manager from March 1 to August.

If someone violates the rules of biosecurity, he will have to return to the chain of secrecy and return to team with multiple times coronavirus ‘negative’ results. The owners of the team will not be exempted in this regard. The owners are told separately in the SOP, which means keeping a clear message, no one is above the rules.

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