Bdcrictime launches fan subscriptions

Considered as Bangladesh’s most popular cricket portal, BDCricTime has launched the fan subscriptions feature as the first-ever Facebook Media Partner in Bangladesh. Bdcrictime launches fan subscription

The way this feature work is supporters pay a fixed price every month and in return, they will have access to our exclusive content, exclusive live videos and other items such as a badge that identifies them as a supporter. The badge will appear next to their name on comments they post but this can be removed by them at any time.

Meanwhile, the BDCricTime CEO expressed his excitement regarding this new feature. “I am very excited to launch the Facebook fan subscriptions feature today,” said Jabed Ali, the Chief Executive Officer of BDCricTime.

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“We have been going through a very tough time during this pandemic. So it would be very helpful for us if our readers come forward and show their support. In return, we promise to provide them with exclusive content. I also would like to thank the Facebook Team for adding us as their partner,”

It is to be noted that the fan subscriptions feature is a special Facebook feature that is only available to a few selected Media Partners at the moment. In Bangladesh, BDCricTime became the first Media Partner to launch this feature.

You can register yourself as a supporter and get access to BDCricTime exclusive content by clicking here!

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