‘Being trophy-less is like difference between scoring 99 and 100: Shakib Al Hasan

Apart from a single miserable over from previous many occasion’s bowling hero Rubel Hossain, Bangladesh did upscale India in the final of the Nidahas Trophy. Likewise, that ended breaking heart as well for the Tigers.

'Being trophy-less is like difference between scoring 99 and 100: Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib didn’t regret that much hiding tears rollicking down each time Bangladesh got close but not close enough to touch the trophy; this time also he kept his calm, backing up his boys in the aftermath of the match, mostly Rubel Hossain, who has been under fire after a brilliant Fizz show in the 18th.

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“When Mustafizur [Rahman] bowled that brilliant over [the 18th, featuring one wicket and just one leg bye], India were left needing [34] off the last two overs. Rubel was our best bowler today after the way he bowled his first three overs. I believed in him. I thought even if he bowled badly, he would go for 15 runs,” Shakib Al Hasan said.

“I would have 20 runs to play with [in the final over], which would have given Soumya some cushion. This was why I brought Rubel for the 19th over,” explained Bangladesh skipper.

Pouring handy appreciations for what Dinesh Karthik did with the bat, the Tiger captain told, “There are very few instances in history. There was something other-worldly about it. Rubel got a bit nervous after going for 10 runs off the first two balls. I still feel that I will back him the next time such a situation comes.”

For Bangladesh, what comes around isn’t going around, for this is the fifth final they lost in calamities.

Shakib also did not find a word how to describe the phenomenon.

“I don’t know if it is nerves or luck. Ten [12, which India needed] runs in one over isn’t a lot but then you end up defending five runs off the last ball… You would back a bowling team when they are defending 35 [34] off the last two overs. It just didn’t happen for us. The bowlers tried their best,” he said.

“It is like the difference between scoring 99 and 100. Being trophy-less is pretty much the same thing,” wisely said.

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