Bowler stuns everyone with bizarre bowling action

When it comes to batsman, we have seen many innovative shots invented by them but how often do we see bowlers coming up with different and bizarre bowling actions.

Bizarre bowling action
Photo: BCCI

There’s absolutely no denying that if we compare between bowlers and batsmen, there is much more flexibility for the batsmen than bowlers. Batsmen can have bigger bats, field restrictions favours them most of the time and they have produced many innovative shots in the recent past such as switch hit, reverse sweep and scoop to score runs easily.

While for bowlers, they have to maintain strict rules with proper bowling action. If somehow the bowling action goes a little bit wrong, their career comes down at stake and often gets banned. For example, Pakistan’s Mohammad Hafeez who has been already banned thrice for his bowling action.

Meanwhile, in a Ranji match (India’s league), the cricket world witnessed a bizarre scene on Thursday when a bowler came up with a weirdest of bowling action and it stunned everyone including the umpire who called it a ‘dead ball.’

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Just before releasing the ball, the bowler turned completely before rolling over the arms. And while the batsman comfortably defended the ball, the umpire called it a dead ball. However, the bowler didn’t appreciate the decision of the umpire and so as his team-mates as they went straight to the umpire to demand for an answer.

Watch the video of bizarre bowling action here-

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