Bravo, Hetmyer, Paul not going to England for family

The West Indies cricket team is going to England on June 8 to play a three-match Test series. Meanwhile, the Caribbeans have also announced the squad for the Test series.

Bravo, Hetmyer, Paul not going to England for family

However, Darren Bravo, Shimron Hetmyer and Keemo Paul are not going with the team. They informed the board before the announcement that they did not want to tour England with the team due to coronavirus.

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Although the three cricketers did not go to England despite being on the central contract of the board, the board has no grievances. Johnny Grave, chief executive of the West Indies Cricket Board, said they decided not to travel to England for the safety of the family.

“Bravo-Hetmyer-Paul did not go to England for the safety of the family,” he said. “Their decision has been accepted and respected. Because in the current situation, no one can be extorted for any issue.”

As soon as the tour of England was confirmed, CWI got busy with sorting out the team. All the players were then informed by the board that the tour would not be imposed on anyone. Because if there is any doubt about the tour, it can affect the performance.

Grave also explained the reason for the decision of the three. Grave revealed some of what they told the board, “Keemo Paul is the sole breadwinner in his entire household and wider family. He was really concerned if something happened to him how his family would cope.

“He wrote a personal note to us to explain it was with a heavy heart that he had decided not to tour but that he just didn’t feel comfortable going to England. He wrote passionately about how hard a decision it was for him and how much he loves playing for West Indies, but with consultation with his family he doesn’t feel he can leave them and doesn’t want to go on the tour.”

Grave added that “Hetmyer did not consider it safe to leave his family to visit England.” As for Bravo, who lives in Trinidad and Tobago, Grave said he was concerned about the situation in the United Kingdom. “Darren Bravo had concerns about his health and any consequences that it may have on his young family. He also mentioned he made his decision with great remorse as it was always a huge honour for him to play for West Indies. So, yes, perfectly valid reasons and the ones that we fully respect. We were never going to force or try to coerce and we didn’t ask them to reconsider.”

Despite not having the top three players in the squad, Grave thought the West Indies will do well on the England tour, “Ultimately, we want a group of players that are comfortable to be there so that they are not worried about these things and therefore they have got a chance to perform at their best. If they have got nagging doubts or worries about their families they are not going to be performing at their best.

“It is in everyone’s interest if you are not comfortable to say so and not tour and be certain that it is not going to be held against you. Rather than go, be worried, and ultimately don’t perform or want to come home. So it is a good decision all round. We are still taking a strong Test side to England.”

West Indies will play three Tests in 21 days against England in July. The matches will be played in a closed door. West Indies cricket team will arrive in England on June 9. The Windies will be in quarantine for 14 days after arriving in England on 8 June. The Caribbeans will be housed at Old Trafford and will practice there for three weeks.

The first Test between the two teams will be on July 8 in Southampton. The next two Tests will be on July 16 and July 24. Both matches will be in Lancashire.

It is learned that both the teams will play in the series in compliance with the rules laid down by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for cricket during the coronavirus period.

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