Bumrah to lead India if Rohit misses out

If Bumrah leads India, he will be first fast bowling captain of India since Kapil Dev

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Saif AL Imam Shota

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Rohit Sharma, who is currently recovering from Covid-19, has a big battle against time, in order to recover within time to lead India in the fifth Test against England. However, if Rohit Sharma misses out the Test, it will be Jasprit Bumrah who will be leading the visitors.
Jasprit Bumrah, who has never led a side in any form of cricket, will be the first fast bowler captain after Kapil Dev. He will also be the 8th captain to lead India since 2021. Here is what Bumrah has to say regarding leading his nation, when he was the vice captain in the Sri Lanka series, " If given an opportunity at any scenario, it would be an honor and I would never ever shy away from that, but it is something that I don't go looking for."
Bumrah added, " Whatever role is asked of me, I would do it with the best ability. You are always a leader when you are a senior member of the team, so it's just a post that comes with you. Basically, you try to help all the people in whatever capacity you can. Even in Mumbai Indians, you have got a lot of senior players but now I am one of the senior players as well, so you help the captain, you help everyone, you play the leadership role even when you are not asked to."
Head coach Rahul Dravid stresses on the fact that Rohit Sharma is still in contention to face England. Dravid says, " Rohit is being monitored by our medical team, he is not yet been ruled out. Obviously, he needs to get the negative test to be available. So we will keep monitoring that, we've still got close to 36 hours to go. He will have a test later tonight and maybe one tomorrow morning as well. And then we'll see."
Regarding a contingency plan Dravid feels that they are well prepared to handle whatever situation in thrown at them. Dravid quotes, " It is what it is. When I took the job even I wouldn't have predicted that there would have so many captains in the last six-seven months. That happens, right? In the times that we are living in, with Covid, there have been some unfortunate injuries to people. Even here, it is quite unfortunate what has happened to Rahul and Rohit in the last three weeks for us. And sometimes we've had to balance out the workloads of people. So it happens.
Dravid adds, " Of course, it is not something you envisage when you first start off, but if a situation arises then you react to that, you deal with that. And in spite of the number of captains we have had, we have played very good cricket over the last six to eight months. Yes, obviously the South Africa Test series was probably the one I would have liked to have won after going one-up. But even there I thought we were not outplayed, we were very close in a lot of those games. We had a few unfortunate injuries and some of our main players were probably not available for that Test series."