CAB plans to insert video cameras in umpire’s hat

To come up with the solution of objectionable umpiring, Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has decided to turn on cameras in umpire’s hats in local league matches. The decision would probably bring more transparency in the proceedings of an ongoing match.

After a series of meetings with different committees, CAB Joint Secretary Avishek Dalmiya said, “It was the suggestion by our president (Sourav Ganguly) to have cameras placed on the hats of the umpires for first division and second division matches. We will do it at the earliest.”

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CAB Chairman and former India captain Sourav Ganguly said, “We could do it from this week itself, we can only educate umpires. It’s not possible for us to go out and do umpiring also. It has also become a fashion to criticize umpires.”

Informing about the formation of a four member committee to give inputs on umpiring, Avishek Dalmiya said, “Umpires will get matches based on the points given by observers and there will be mid-season reviews also.”

In recent times, umpire Satrajit Lahiri was reprimanded and fined Rs. 5000 for repulsive attitude to Tapan Memorial bowler Dharmendra Singh.

In that Avishek Dalmiya said, “He has apologized and we have warned him that a repeat of the offence will have a stern action.”

“His on-the-field performance was fine in the observer’s report,” added Sourav Ganguly.