Child cricketer shot dead in India while playing cricket

Rishabh Pant, Manish Pandey, who have come up from Uttarakhand, are playing in the Indian squad. MS Dhoni was born and raised in Ranchi but his roots are in Uttarakhand.

Child cricketer shot dead in India while playing cricket

Under the leadership of him, India won a T20I and ODI World Cup. And in Uttarakhand, there happened an unpleasant incident yesterday. Two boys were shot while playing cricket.

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The incident took place in Tehri district of Uttarakhand. Two teenagers were playing cricket in a vacant lot in Khawara village. One was bowling, another was batting. There two people were gossiping beside the lot in an empty space.

All of a sudden a ball went to the person sitting next to it. Maybe the guy had some pain or there was a disturbance in their chit-chat. Whatever the case, he did not like it.

The man came to the teenager with a gun with his head warm. It would have been better to just come and go. He also opened fire on two teenagers. The target did not fail!

Both teens were shot. People from the neighborhood came to the two boys- Shree and Mahesh and took the two teenagers to the hospital. Doctors said one of them had been in critical condition.

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