Chittagong Test, Learning from mistakes! Aussies or Tigers?

Warner-Smith put on fight in run-chaseTest format, the most elite form of cricket, has always been so exciting for the top ranked teams in world. Meanwhile, as undoubtedly Bangladesh has become a new fear for stronger teams recent days, the whole cricket world is throwing their eyes on Chittagong Test that’s going to be held on 4th September, 2017.

In the Dhaka Test which was the first of the two match series, it was clearly seen that both the team had to struggle to cope up with the pitch as it was very hard to predict.

Australia had no chance to feel comfort against the bowling of Bangladesh and that was basically the reason of low run gaining and ultimately it dragged them to lose. But it is also true that Bangladesh had to struggle to snatch the win.

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If we look closely to the last win, we can easily say that it’s more for super performance of the super players than for a good team work of team Bangladesh. In the calculation of probabilities it’s less probable to win with the super performances of only few players than having a good team work. So it is better not to rely on few players.

The mistakes that we found in team Bangladesh’s playing in the last Test match, were few but crucial.

Insensible batting of some top order batsmen, some important catch drops, over all team work etc. can be identified. But a sigh of comfort for Bangladesh that some players did extraordinarily good that these mistakes had been over lapped with the taste of win.

But again, if these mistakes are not taken under consideration in the next match, fortune may not favor again as it’s not legit to expect good performances everyday from those icon players.

The most debated point here is the role of Soumya Sarkar (runs in innings respectively 8, 15)  in top order and not placement of  Mominul Haque instead of him there. It’s clearly seen that Soumya is not having good form and comfort here in Test cricket. He is not that type of batsman to be honest. So Mominul could easily be placed in that position. This may be one of the biggest mistakes.

Secondly, the performance of Imrul Kayes  (runs respectively 0, 2), Sabbir Rahman (runs respectively 0 and 22) and Nasir Hossain (runs respectively 23 and 0) were very low in batting.

Where three middle order batsmen and one top order batsman had zero performance in batting in first Test match, it’s really a matter of great luck that the other super players played well.

So not only relying on them but also making the four batsmen concentrate more in batting, observing the pitch and bowling to have at least minimum figure of runs would be the key to win.

As it was a spin based pitch and was very much unpredictable, two pacers can’t be blamed, but still they could have a bit of contribution.

But the major problem that could make the historic win to a lose was dropping catches. Test match is all about patience and class. If patience is lost, class will also wither away.

But over all Bangladesh played well, specially the bowlers. It was not a batting friendly pitch, so bowlers got the most advantages. Not only that, the whole team will get advantages in upcoming Chittagong Test.

Firstly it is the home ground, specially for Tamim Iqbal. Here Tamim has always been so furious in batting. The other players are also in a confident state after the first win. It’s a comparatively familiar pitch to them. So in almost all aspects, Bangladesh is in a comfort zone.

On the other hand, Aussies are under a great pressure. In Mirpur, they lost due to their poor performance, team combination, pitch condition and for an uncomfortable playing of the spin attack of Bangladesh.

Their ranking falls downs to 5 after this series which is also a great pressure for them. In last two years they have played 17 matches where they won 7 matches. Their last win was in the Pune Test in February. Their current team is a very dangerous one but it can be said easily that they are not in a comfort zone here in Bangladesh.

In the last match if we look at the performance of Aussies, it is the same thing that we saw in Bangladesh’s, is the low performance of top order. Their middle order have tried to cover up a bit. Only Warner could contribute a ton in the second innings.

They probably missed an extra spinner sometimes as it was spin helping pitch. But P J Cummins contributed a bit there. They are currently thinking to add another spinner O’Keefe instead of injured seamer JR Hazlewood for Chittagong Test both for letting the later take rest and to have good spin attack in a spin helping pitch.

If this slight change is done it’s risky as it’s not done before but can have a great affect in favor of them too. So we have to wait for tomorrow to see how it goes.

Aussie top order is very dangerous what we saw in the Test matches they played in the beginning of this year. They can fire up anytime which can bring an easy win for them.

Since it’s a probable batting unfriendly pitch there will be less runs and more wickets we can assume. So some extra ordinary batting can change the direction of the match. And if some extra ordinary bowling can happen what Shakib did in last match, can also do the opposite.

So in over all summing up, we can say that Bangladesh is in a more advantageous position as it is the home ground, their last win, good form of icon players and over all the last performances of team Bangladesh with recent development being a mighty team against all the top ranked teams.

On the other hand, being a top ranked team, a team of class, Australia can be the choice too as they have the capability. But their recent performance and ground condition along with the capability of opposition Bangladesh, they are in a bit back footed condition.

The team which can be extra ordinary in bowling and consistently patient in batting having an average number of run will win certainly. For the rest we will have to wait for tomorrow.

— Abu Sayem Dosar

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