Clarke firmly urges Aussie cricketers to go for arbitration

Clarke firmly urges Aussie cricketers to go for arbitration Australia’s former Test skipper Michael Clarke emphasized on going for an arbitration proposed by Cricket Australia if not conflicting parties could reach on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within the deadline.

Urging all professional cricketers to commensurate with CA’s proposal, Clarke remarked, “Players cannot afford to miss one game of cricket if we want to beat England in the Ashes.”

The conversations between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers’ Association has been continuing since last several days without any fruitful outcome till to date. The previous Memorandum of Understanding expired June 30, 2017 leaving more than two hundred professional cricketers unemployed in Australia.

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Michael Clarke said, it would be ‘silly’ for the Cricketers’ Association to reject the arbitration proposal delivered by CA. it is reported ACA mailed to cricketers on Saturday explaining arbitration would be a lengthy and expensive process to go through.

While talking to Channel Nine, former Aussie captain said, As a (former) player, I’m saying if a deal’s not done by Monday afternoon allow it go to arbitration because we need this finalized, I believe this is definitely going to arbitration, and I think the ACA would be silly to say no to it.”

“The players can’t say no, the players have got to say yes because they’ve got to play. This (Australia men’s) team cannot afford to miss one game of cricket if we want to beat England in the Ashes. We need to go to Bangladesh (next month), we need to go to India for the ODIs (in October), and then we need to play our best cricket to beat England in Australia, which I believe we will if we’ve played some cricket together as a team,” he said further.

Michael Clarke also said, “The players are not CEO of a business or general manager of a business. That’s not their responsibility. This needs to be done between CA and the players’ association, and the players need to do what (they) know best and that’s to play this game we love.”

If both parties would agree for the arbitration, all unemployed professional cricketers will be eligible for signing an interim contract under the terms of previous MoU.

On Thursday last, Cricket Australia Chief Executive Officer James Sutherland precipitated to go to an independent arbitrator under a deadline to reach agreement.

Clarke said his sympathy is running towards cricketers most of whom were his former teammates.

He said, “If the players are going to be involved, as they have been on social media, it needs to be led from Steve Smith the captain. As a player, I never felt like I was a partner in the business. I never went to James Sutherland and had a conversation about where we were spending the money.”

“I thought my job and my responsibility as a player was to do my job as captain, help the team have success on the field and then you share in the wealth. I always saw my role to Cricket Australia,” Michael Clarke further added.

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