Congress and SP leaders raise protests against India’s new “Orange” jersey

The Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) raised protests against India over the new away orange jersey issue ahead of their next all-important match against England on June 30 in Birmingham.


Earlier, International Cricket Council (ICC) made a rule that if any team’s jersey match with others in a match then the team had to make away jerseys for the match. And as per the rule, as a host England can wear their main jersey throughout the whole tournament. But the teams like South Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan made another jersey to follow the rule given by the ICC.

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Thus, India will wear an orange jersey for the match against the hosts England at Edgbaston. The shirt being the ‘away’ jersey, and as per reports, will be orange in shading with the collar having a blue strip. In fact, this will be the first run through in the Indian cricket history that the players will wear a shirt with another prevailing shading other than ‘blue’.

But the Congress and SP leaders were speaking out against it by considering it the Narendra Modi drove government’s push for saffronisation.  Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the Maharashtra state gathering censured the move by the national team.

“Modi ji wants to saffronise the whole nation. A Muslim was the person who structured the Indian Tricolor. There are different hues in the Tricolor, why pick just orange? It will be better if their jersey depends on the Tricolor,” Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi said.

Former minister and Congress MLA Naseem Khan also shared the same opinion about the jersey. “As far back as the Modi government has come to control, it has been playing saffron legislative issues. The Tricolor ought to be respected and national harmony ought to be advanced. This administration needs to saffronise everything,” he said.

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