Controversy raises again about Bangladesh-Pakistan Women’s WC jersey

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) faced many criticism after the design of the jersey of Bangladesh was unveiled before the start of the Men’s World Cup in England last year. Later, they tried to make some reforms by bringing back the red color in Jersey. Despite the debate, Bangladesh played the World Cup with that jersey.

Controversy raises again about Bangladesh-Pakistan Women's WC jersey

This time the women’s jersey is at the center of controversy, just before the T20 World Cup. It has also been alleged that Bangladesh and Pakistan have so much in common that it is difficult to separate the two.

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The Women’s T20 World Cup is set to begin on February 21 in Australia. 10 teams, including Bangladesh, will be participating in the tournament.

The official photoshoot by the ICC before the start of the World Cup shows that the jerseys of Bangladesh and Pakistan are almost identical. Cricket lovers on social media are raising the same demand. Not only that, the BCB’s intense criticism has also started in the net world.

The debate over the jersey of Bangladesh was raised even before the England World Cup last year. It was also claimed that the jerseys of Bangladesh and Pakistan were one. The first green jersey that was created was exactly the same as the jersey in Pakistan.

In the wake of intense protests among the cricket fans, the media was writing about the issue. Finally, BCB was forced to change the jersey without notice. Then the red color is added to the background of ‘Bangladesh’. The same controversy arose over Jersey this time again.

ICC published on their Twitter page photos of the official photoshoot of the captains of the 10 countries participating in the World Cup. The controversy originated from that pictures.

The pictures prove that the color of the jerseys of Bangladesh and Pakistan is almost the same. It would have been difficult to distinguish between two jerseys if there was no red color in the ‘Bangladesh’ background in front of the jersey. No one has yet responded to why the jerseys of the two countries are becoming almost the same again and again.

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