Coronavirus: Ben Stokes’ Routine for Kids

Coronavirus: Ben Stokes' Routine for Kids

Billions of people are being held hostage to escape coronavirus worldwide. This is the best way to get rid of the virus. Adult people become intolerant to stay at their homes continuously. Spouses’ quarrels also increase.

So how do children live this captive life? Schools and colleges are also closed. The joy of them is gone. English all-rounder Ben Stokes has created a daily schedule for children to solve this problem.

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Stokes posted this list for children on the social site Instagram. He arranges a full-day schedule for study, creative activities, games, bodybuilding, entertainment, eating out and when to go to bed. Stokes wrote in detail what the children can do throughout the day, how long they will take and do.

The daily schedule of Stokes begins at 9am. He tells kids to read three times a day. It also has a list of sports, bodybuilding, eating, playing games, watching movies or television, and helping parents to do their homework.

The cricketer, who helped England to win their first ever World Cup last year, wrote to his wife, Clare Ratcliffe, “At this time of closure of the Clare school, our children need to continue their studies and activities. Hopefully this index can help other parents who are worried about their children like us in this time of trouble.”

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