Coronavirus in PSL!

Coronavirus is creating panic around the world. Every day, news of corona infection is coming to new places. Originating from China, coronavirus has already spread to more than 60 countries of the world. In Iran and Italy, it has spread more after China. Coronavirus is also reported in sub-continent India and Pakistan.

Coronavirus in PSL!

In the meantime, coronavirus has been affecting sports around the world. The Tokyo Olympics are likely to backfire. The game is almost played in Italy, without any spectators. The sports face of Europe has become a stumbling block. Meanwhile, the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Pakistan has also got the threat of coronavirus.

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This year’s PSL is fully organized in Pakistan. Earlier, PSL was organized in the UAE. They have arranged some matches in Pakistan previously, but this time the whole tournament is organized in Pakistan. PSL in their own country, which is why Pakistani cricket lovers are also going into the stadium. Large crowds mean that coronavirus is the biggest opportunity to spread quickly.

Four coronavirus victims have been found in Karachi and Islamabad. That is why the Pakistan government has already informed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about the thermal scanner is being installed at the gate of the stadium. The Pakistani government is advised to enter the stadium after scanning the visitors.

As much as government is emphasizing but the PCB is not functioning as much, the country’s media has reported. The PCB is being told by the Pakistani government, media and various parties, that they should, as soon as possible, put a thermal scanner at the entrance of the stadium to block the corona spread.

But why is the PCB indifferent to this. They are not cooperating with the state governments. Nor does it seem like a mindset to ask for help. The PSL matches are being organized in four venues. These includes Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan.

Pakistan Medical Association Secretary-General Dr. Qaiser Sajjad has strongly urged the PCB to put a thermal scanner at the entrance to the stadium.

“The PCB, of course, should have a thermal scanner installed at each entry point of the stadium,”

he said.

Seeing the PCB’s apathy, Dr. Sajjad made some suggestive requests to the audience. To prevent coronavirus, visitors should wear a surgical mask while attending the stadium. At the same time, they should keep enough water. So that the hands and mouth may be washed in water for a while.

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