Coronavirus less likely to spread from cricket balls: new research

Cricket is set to return to the field with the England-West Indies series after an unexpected four months break. The government has given permission to start a football league in England.

Coronavirus less likely to spread from cricket balls: new research

But there is no talk of starting domestic cricket. Such duplicity of the British government was questioned. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has demanded that coronavirus can be spread from cricket ball. However, a new study has refuted Boris’s claim. According to The Telegraph, coronavirus can’t be spread from cricket ball.

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According to research from the Imperial College of London and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the virus does not survive for more than 30 seconds, even after being wiped with an infected cloth. However, in this case, scientists have suggested wiping the ball with a tissue. Because they have seen in research that if you wipe the ball with a tissue, the virus will no longer stick. Moreover, cricket is not a game of physical touch. Therefore, with a few precautions, the infection is unlikely to spread. However, in the case of football, the chances of infection are much higher.

Club cricket is finally starting in England from July 11. Before that, of course, international cricket is starting from July 8. “Cricket is a very low-risk sport,” said Carl Heneghan, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University. “You can get infected by drinking tea in someone else’s cup. However, if you take a cricket ball from someone else, you are less likely to get infected. There is less chance of body contact between two cricketers after playing cricket. So the risk is less.”

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