Coronavirus: Rameez Raja suggests shortening cricket pitch

The whole cricket world is at stagnant due to coronavirus. COVID-19 is such a disease that some of the rules of the game are forced to change in the future. For example, very soon one of the biggest taboos in cricket can be seen as legal in the world of cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering legalizing ball tampering, which has long been considered a heinous crime.

Coronavirus: Rameez Raja offers 'weird' suggestion regarding cricket pitch

Fielder-bowlers usually use saliva or sweat to shine the ball while bowling. But to avoid coronavirus infection, the ICC may allow the ball to shine artificially instead. ICC’s medical team does not consider the use of hand saliva safe because of coronavirus. The ICC also held a meeting on Wednesday (April 22) to legalize ball tampering.

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But what if the use of saliva and sweat is excluded and at the same time no artificial means are recognized? This will hurt the bowlers more. In Test cricket in particular, there is an art of reverse swing that can be shut down. Former Pakistan captain and current commentator Rameez Raja has suggested a solution to the problem on behalf of the bowlers. To solve this problem, he has been trying to change a part of the history of cricket for more than a hundred years.

“Now cricketers won’t use spit or sweat,” Rameez Raja said on a YouTube channel.

“That means there will be problems to polish the ball. Consequently, the reverse swing cannot be done. As a result, the appeal of Test cricket will diminish. Because, reverse swing is a very important weapon of a fast bowler in Tests. Without reverse swing, the balance of bat and ball will be lost. In this case, it may be considered to reduce the size of the pitch. The pitch may be 20 yards, not 22 yards. It will not be easy to bat.”

That means Rameez suggested reducing the size of the pitch to put pressure on the batsmen in return for taking advantage of the bowlers.

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