County match abandoned after metal arrow thrown on pitch

County match abandoned after metal arrow thrown on pitchSurrey’s County Cricket Championship match against Middlesex at the Oval was abandoned after a metal tipped arrow was thrown in the field. The incident took place on Thursday when an apparently crossbow bolt landed in the pitch.

Surrey Chief Executive express his relief that no one was killed in the mishap. Reports said the metal tipped arrow was fired from outside the ground.

The match was abandoned after that and the Metropolitan Police evacuated the stadium.

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Surrey CEO Gould said, “It had a pointed end and stuck in the turf when it crossed the outfield and landed,” said Gould.

“We are investigating reports that there was a noise on the roof of the OCS Stand but we haven’t been able to get up there to investigate whether it was the projectile ricocheting off the roof or a separate projectile.”

“It is the sort of thing that could easily have been fired some distance from outside the ground if it came from a crossbow. It could very easily have killed someone.”

“We may never find out if it was a deliberate act, but in these heightened times these sort of acts are wholly irresponsible,” he said.

“People should not feel threatened in this way. If it is more than mischief-making then we need to find the perpetrators. We will review our security arrangements but threats can be so wide-ranging.”
“There is probably no way of securing against this type of incident if it was fired from outside. We always try and provide the safest type of environment but it can be very difficult to stop this kind of act.”

Surrey captain Gareth Betty also stated about the fatal occurrence in the cricket field, ““It was a pretty tasty arrow with a proper metal end. I did archery as a kid and that was not a normal archery arrow. The umpires dealt with it very well. There were no questions asked – we went off very quickly.

“Someone saw it in flight, there was a noise when it landed but it happened so quick. It is a deadly weapon for sure. If it had hit someone it would have caused some serious damage. It just shows the world we live in.

“You have to be diligent, it would be stupid not to be but if you’re constantly worrying about what is going to happen that is not a great place to be. If it is a crossbow rather than a longbow it is probably someone messing around and not understanding the implications of firing something into the air.”

“Let’s hope it’s a couple of people who will feel pretty ashamed in the morning when they realise what happened,” Betty said.

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