Cricket Terms from E to H

terms ETerms HEconomy rate:
The average number of runs given off a bowler per over that bowler bowls. A measure of bowling efficiency.
Follow on:
In the full two-innings match, where a team batting second time is asked to bat once again because its first innings total is smaller then that of the other team.
Four, or boundary:
a ground drive that reaches the fence, counting as 4/four runs.
full toss (see picture above)
a bowl that goes to the batsman without any bounce, that is called full toss.
Glide (see picture above)
a smacked which is executed like a drive (see definition) but is angled to go behind the batsman on his off side (see definition).
Good length, or good-length delivery (see picture above)
A bowl which bounces just outside the batsman’s maximum forward reach (For Example: 3 to 5 yards from wickets, depending upon batsman’s height). These bowls are the hardest for a batsman to play, because he fails to decide whether to step forward anyway, or if he should step back and give himself the maximum distance from “bounce”, to see what the ball might be doing.
Googly (see picture above)
A bowl which is thrown with baseball’s “screwball” grip but reverse finger spin to look like a leg-break (see definition) that should move across and AWAY from  batsman, but actually lands at the OPPOSITE direction, For example: INTO the batsman like an off-break bowling (see definition), after it bounces. (also read definition of “chinaman”).
Half century
When a batsman scores of 50 runs or more, its called half century.
Hat trick
Getting three batsmen “out” in three consecutive balls. So Its called because in the 17th century, a bowler who accomplished the feat was awarded by an instant bonus, managed by passing a hat among gathered crowds.
Hook(see pic above)
a shot that is executed by the batsman swinging his bat around the bastman’s body, and following up with a whole body turn, usually pivoting on one foot…works best on a bowl that is moving away from the batsman on his “leg” side (see definition).

A List of Technical Cricket Terms