Cricket should be played with emotion- Mushfiqur Rahim

Bangladesh cricket has undergone lots of ups and downs in the 2012-2013 terms. The man under whom all the things that happened throughout this term was Mushfiqur Rahim, who has recently resigned from captaincy of the Bangladesh team. He has given an interview to Cricinfo-

Question : How was the experience of captaining Bangladesh team in 6 months ?

Mushfiq : To be very honest it was very tough. There was a good start against West-Indies that we won the ODI series. We had to play without some of our major players, but we did well in the challenging situations. In Zimbabwe the condition was a major factor, especially in the first test. After losing the first test we were back footed in confidence. But still we won the second test. Again, we had to face adverse condition in Zimbabwe, and the facilities provided were dearth. Sakib and Tamim just came back to the series right after the injury.

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Question : You made the annunciation of leaving the captaincy after the 3rd ODI against Zimbabwe. Why was that?

Mushfiq : I was feeling really bad. I have never thought that we would lose to them. There was no reason involved outside the field. Loads of emotions were there. I was making myself greatly responsible for the losses, which was wrong that I did understand later. I thought, I could not bring up my best out of me and was futile to bring up the best out of the players. Many people talked to me before and after that. I didn’t really pay much thought on this, which made me feel much unhappy.

Question : Are the people of Bangladesh have lot of emotions about cricket?

Mushfiq : Off course, kind of like our liberation war in 1971. The Pakistanis had  many modern weapons like tanks, but we fought literally with the knob stick. Cricket should be played with emotion. Otherwise enthusiasm will be lost. But still, it should be under control. 

Question : are you enjoying captaincy ?

Mushfiq : Yes, off course. But captaining Bangladesh is really so tough and liability is immense. In spite of this, everyone helps me a lot. My work is not limited with the players only, there are lots of staffs involved relating the management. I believe if everyone does their work with professionalism my work becomes easier.

Question : What would say the main difference between the Bangladesh team in 2005 and the team today?

Mushfiq : That time, when we played with the strong opposition everyone hoped to lose  by as less difference as possible. But now, whichever the opposition is Australia or Ireland while Bangladesh plays no one can predict until the last ball. We now come to the field with to throw the toughest challenge. We tame a kind of belief that we can beat any side. Another thing is noticeable that, we have got many consistent performers in our side. If we can carry on like this Bangladesh must be amongst stronger sides in two years.

Written by Mizan Rahman

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