Cricketer collapses and dies in field in Kerala

In a local cricket match in Kerala, a player named Padmanabh Jodukallu collapsed and died in field. A resident of Uppala in Kasaragode, the sufferer was immediately taken to the hospital where he declared dead; doctors in charge of the case suspected of cardiac arrest.

In a video of the particular match, the commentator can be heard saying that Padmanabh bowled three extra in that over and was standing at the bowling end to deliver another ball he suddenly collapsed.

Police said there was no official charges brought against the incident.

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Two years before, in 2015, a player named Ankit Keshri died in the cricket field after colliding with a team mate.

The most prominent death in the cricket field was of Phillip Hughes of Australia when he was hit by a bouncer in a first class match in down under. He was in coma before dying at the age of 25.

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