CWAB is about to adopt BCB’s decision


The General Secretary of CWAB, Debobroto Paul was the greatest critic of the BCB’S recent activities regarding the Premier League. Not only that, he was in talk for recent couple of days about his criticisms about BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon. BCB president didn’t say much about this. But yesterday he was in front of the media and answered many questions which were recently flying in the air. Right after the interview, there was a dramatic change in terms of the position of the CWAB. Surprisingly, they are now saying to the players to comply with BCB decisions.

CWAB set in a meeting after with the board officials of BCB right after the press conference of the BCB chairman. The former national player of the Bangladesh Cricket Team Tushar Imran said, “We had a meeting with the national players, under-23 team and the academy team. They all agreed upon playing only this year’s premier league under grading system. But they sort of wished if there could be a increase in the amount of money. We informed about players wish to Jalal Younus and to Enayet Hossain. They assured us that they will look after this matter.”

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Although everything is about to be sorted out BCB is not going according to the plan about arranging the league. There is minimum chance of the league to be started on 3rd July. The BCB president indicated in the press conference to start up the league after getting the report of ACSU.

The board president said in the press conference, ‘We are waiting for the ACSU report. This is tough for me to start up the league before getting the ACSU report. If I get the report by tomorrow I’ve no problem to start the league according to the past schedule. I think this is better to start after completing the whole procedure.’ BCB president also thinks the role of CWAB is sort of ambiguous. ‘When I did the press conference regarding Ashraful, I saw the interview of Ashraful in TV. In spite of this when I came to know about an organization of CWAB that they threatened to take action if amount of money is not increased. I felt really bad then. If there is any kind of organization who really wants good of the cricketers they advise them to get rid of those staffs. Another thing is, board is authorized to take the final decision. Here, the clubs, organizations, and the players might give advice, but board will give the final decision.’