Dhoni was weak at maths in school

Dhoni may have been poor in maths but has remained very attentive about his cricket kits.

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Bipin Dani
International Correspondent

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Team India's former captain MS Dhoni has admitted that he was not good at maths in school. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain, who won the match against Delhi Capitals on Sunday could score only 4 runs in the last two balls of his team innings.
"With 12 balls to go, you have to go big from ball one. We haven't done well to go, getting 4 off 2 is not good. We will look to take one game at a time. I am not good at maths, not even at school,” he said at the presentation.
“Enjoying the game in hand is the best. (Will) see the combinations that work and plan for the next year if qualification is possible is the key.”
Endorsing Dhoni's admission about his mathematics, his school teacher (from Std. VI to X) KD Singh at Jawahar Vidya Mandir (JVM), Shyamali, where Dhoni studied up to his matriculation admitted, "Yes, Mahendra as we called him then, was not good in maths, but not that so poor also. He was an average student of the class.”
"He, along with his sister (Jayanti), brother (Naerendra) and Gautam (who is now Dhoni's brother-in-law, married to Jayanti) came to my house for maths tuitions after the school timings.”
"I had to scold him several times in school. Once he bunked my period in the middle of my class to play cricket while his board exams were knocking on the door and I had to warn him, ‘if you skip the class like this you will fail the exam. Excepctadely, he remained calm and quiet. He was a very shy person in the school.”
"He passed the SSC examinations but then dropped the maths subject and went to a commerce college.”
Dhoni may have been poor in maths but has remained very attentive about his cricket kits.
A picture of Dhoni ‘eating’ his cricket bat has gone viral on social media recently. Seeing Dhoni using his teeth on his bat on Sunday, former India bowler Amit Mishra commented, "In case you're wondering why Dhoni often ‘eats’ his bat, he does so to remove tape of the bat as he likes his bat to be clean. You won't see a single piece of tape or thread coming out of MS's bat.”