Domingo: West Indies are showing us what we should do

Domingo says West Indies are showing why they are better than Bangladesh in this format

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Saif AL Imam Shota

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West Indies are currently ahead by 106 runs in the ongoing second Test against Bangladesh. Kyle Mayers is well set with a century and is looking to take his team's lead over 200. Bangladesh Head Coach Russell Domingo isn't pleased about his sides performance in both sectors.
Domingo says, "There are tough questions to be asked about batting and bowling. Because it's not a 230 wicket. The West Indies are showing us why they are a better team than us in this format. One of them is unbeaten on one hundred runs. They have a chance to make a big run in front of them. Because they have been able to form a pair, batting for a long time. They show us what we should do."
The coach says the only ways to get back in form is to look for ways to stay in crease for a longer period of time. He adds, "Many cricketers in our team are looking for form, running after runs. The only way to get out of this situation is to bat for a long time. Lots of 30, 40 run innings. Some are scoring 50 runs."
"No one is doing what Kyle Mayers is doing. Because this is the difference between 230 and 400 runs. We have to play an innings of 120 runs like him. They chased 400 runs against us in Chittagong. Mayers scored 200 runs that day. We are not getting such an innings. This is a great lesson for boys. Test match cricket is tough. When you are not doing as much as you should be batting, a good team will punish you. Now they are punishing us."