Dravid once lost his temper on MS Dhoni: Sehwag

The ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League kick-started from April 9 onwards. So far, the cricket fraternity witnessed entertaining fixtures. Apart from the games, even advertisements have become the talking point on social media.

Dravid once lost his temper on MS Dhoni: Sehwag

Recently, CRED’s “Angry Rahul Dravid” which highlights him as “Indiranagar ka Gunda” spread like wildfire on the internet. Nobody really expected Rahul Dravid in that avatar because he is often known to be a cool customer.

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At the start of the ad, CRED adds that their lucrative offers are almost as hard to believe as hearing Rahul Dravid having anger issues. The former Indian batting who is known for his calm and composure expresses his full rage in the advertisement.

People from every nook and corner of the cricket fraternity found Rahul’s dark side as very entertaining. Even India and Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli also found it very entertaining. Even the commercial’s director by the name of Ayappa KM liked it

“It was very nice to see the feedback, that somewhere we’ve communicated the dark side of Rahul Dravid that doesn’t even exist!”, Ayappa said in a recent interview.

Meanwhile, Rahul’s former teammate Virender Sehwag opened up an incident where the former hit out at a national teammate. During a recent interview with Cricbuzz Live, Sehwag revealed that Dravid lost his temper on MS Dhoni.

“I have seen Rahul Dravid angry with players,” Sehwag revealed to Cricbuzz. “When we were in Pakistan and MS Dhoni had just started, he played a shot and got caught at point. Dravid was very angry with him. ‘That’s the way you play? You should finish the game.’ I myself was taken aback by the storm of English from Dravid. I didn’t understand half of it,” Sehwag told on Cricbuzz.

However, Dravid’s anger had such a major impact on MS Dhoni that he nearly changed his batting approach. “When MS came into bat next time, I could see he was not hitting shots much. I went to console him. He said he did not want Rahul to scold him again. ‘I will finish the game quietly and go back,’ Dhoni had said,” Sehwag added.

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