Dropped catch might not cost the match, says Tamim Iqbal’s brother

By Bipin Dani

Does luck has any part to play in cricket? Ask this question to Rohit Sharma, who scored a century three times out of four times when his catches were dropped in the current World Cup. 

Tamim dropped the catch of Rohit Sharma
Tamim Iqbal dropped the catch of Rohit Sharma

On Tuesday, his dropped catch (he was on nine then) by Tamim Iqbal not only cost Bangladesh the match but also the possible berth in the Semi Final.

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“Luck is always important in the life and it is a part of the game but I would say Rohit Sharma is a dangerous batsman”, his childhood coach Dinesh Lad, speaking exclusively said. 

On the other hand, Tamim Iqbal’s elder brother, Nafees Iqbal, who has played 11 Tests and 16 ODIs’ believes that one dropped catch by his brother may not have made much of a difference.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Bangladesh, he said,

“Yes it was an important catch as Rohit is in tremendous form..things might have been different…but one catch can’t cost you games when it was at very early stage of the game”.

“We didn’t bowl well at middle overs neither we batted to Team India’s potential that cost us the game..India played better cricket”.

Rohit sharma celebrated 4th ton in CWC 2019
Rohit sharma gets his 4th ton in CWC 2019 after getting life from Tamim Iqbal

“Sporting luck is very very important. But as it is not in your control. You can’t rely on it. It comes in a process with hard work and application”, he signed off.

According to ESPNcricinfo’s Luck Index, this drop by Tamim cost Bangladesh a whopping 47 runs; that is, had the catch been taken, India would have scored 47 fewer runs than they eventually did. This is calculated by simulating the game from the point Rohit was dropped, assuming the catch had been taken.

Rohit scored 95 from 81 balls after he was dropped. The simulation calculates that India would only have scored 48 off those balls, and would have finished on 267, a total which wouldn’t have been enough for victory.

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