Dukes to bring balls which will swing without spit and saliva

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of spit and saliva in cricket to prevent coronavirus infection. Meanwhile, spit and saliva play an important role in increasing the brightness of the ball and making it swing.

Duke to bring balls which will swing without spit and saliva

So everyone in the cricket world is now busy looking for ways to swing the ball without spit and saliva. The Duke Ball has been resolved there.

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The history of Duke Ball is quite old in the history of cricket. It can be said that at one time the most popular was the ball of this Duke. But after the arrival of the Kookaburra ball, the value of the Duke Company’s ball gradually decreased. This ball is almost lost for a while.

Cricket ball maker Kookaburra recently claimed that it was going to launch a ball whose brilliance would be enhanced by waxing. But Duke has recently claimed that they are creating a high quality ball that does not have to be rubbed with anything. The ball will swing.

Duke authorities say the swing of the ball does not depend on the use of spit or saliva. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Dukes’ owner Dilip Jajodia said, “We are building a high quality ball that is very well shaped. The ball has a strong seam. This seam is being sewn by hand which will act like a radar in the air. Even this ball is very strong and will be suitable to play for a long time.”

Fast bowlers can be happy with such news. Because from now on they will be able to swing the ball without using spit and saliva.

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