‘Earn Money to Spend’- Tamim Iqbal

Tamim and his future wife Ayesha SiddiquaTamim’s marriage has been undergoing talks for couple of days now. Not all of them are in good manner, some of them have come out as like which are not going to make Tamim happy. Tamim is going to get married with Ayesha Siddiqua, who is a graduate in business administration. She had been in a relationship with Tamim for almost 8 years. Tamim has sacrificed a lot and had to pass through many hardships to sustain the relationship. After all the sacrifices and grievances, to get the final output gives someone immense pleasure. Tamim is apparently feeling like this now. Therefore, all the news that’s coming along about the flamboyance of his marriage would hardly worth much to Tamim.

Tamim Iqbal’s marriage will go through several phases. Today it’s going to be started up with the traditional ‘Gaye Holud’ and then tomorrow there will be the wedding ceremony. After all this, there comes the grandly ‘Walima,’ which will be taken place on 27th June at the Golf Garden of Army Golf Club. But, before all that the programme has kind of a start with ‘Mejban’, the traditional public feast of Chittagong.

In the marriage Tamim has invited almost 10000 guests including the prime minister and the opposition leader of Bangladesh. Tamim has sort of given a short interview to the journalists. He said, ‘many wrote that I am spending 2.50 crore taka in the programme, but it’s not true.’ But he also added that he wants this occasion to greatly memorable and he doesn’t want to regret about this in future because he holds a very simple philosophy of life, ‘earn money to spend.’

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Tamim has always been known for his fashion and luxuriance in the cricket fraternity. So this has not really been a surprise that he is getting married with such vastness to the people who knows him. Tamim drives BMW car, he uses the fashionable cell phones, posh brand items. So everyone who knows him is watching the marriage as the reflection of Tamim Iqbal in real.