ECB bans fans interaction due to COVID-19 threat

England Cricket Board put up a temporary ban on England players to interact with fans during their upcoming Sri Lanka series.


COVID-19 is the current hot topic all around the world as the deadly virus is spreading all around the world rapidly. In the meantime, it has started to affect cricket too as there are some cricket leagues affected by the threat of the disease.

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Meanwhile, England Cricket Board has implemented a temporary ban for the players to interact with fans during the ongoing Sri Lankan tour. England are now having a short outing in Sri Lanka to play two-match Test series. They have kickstarted the tour with a warm-up game already.

The COVID-19 threat is making some impacts on the Test series between Sri Lanka and England. Already England captain Joe Root said that they are going to avoid hand shakes to avoid the contamination of viruses.

Now England Cricket Board has announced this ban for ensuring the safety of players. It is advised by ECB for the player to avoid selfies and autographs with fans. They have also advised their fans who are traveling to Sri Lanka to take proper precautions.

“Following the world health agency’s advice, and to protect the players and, in turn, the integrity and continuation of the Sri Lanka Test tour, the team has put in place several precautions, leading to a number of normal activities being canceled for the foreseeable future,” the statement said.

England players and staff have been asked to avoid any unnecessary public engagements, and temporarily avoid casual supporter interaction such as selfies or autographs,” it added. Also it is said England players will have fist bumps than hand shakes during the matches.

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