English club bowler exhibits how to deprive a batsman from a ton!

‘It isn’t just like cricket!’ This is how the incident has been termed when an English club cricket bowler applied all his witchcraft to deny the opposition batsman of 2 runs which was needed to reach in his maiden century.

English club bowler exhibits how to deprive a batsman from a ton!

Like a perfect short story, Jay Darrell was on 98 and his team Minehead Cricket Club needed exactly those two runs to win the particular match in Somerset Cricket League. With the ball in hand, everything the opposition Purnell Cricket Club bowler thought was how to stop Darrell to step into the century mark!

Instead of delivering the ball, the bowler chose to send it to the boundary to give away four runs and one for the no-ball – thus deprived Minehead batsman Darrell from his century.

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“Not nice to see,” said Minehead Cricket Club on Twitter; “But more to the point, a great innings and a great win.

“Respect to the Purnell captain who apologized to the batsman on behalf of his bowler but some things just can’t be undone.”

Darrell, on finishing terms at 98, though disappointed, but found a strategic way to express.

“Hell of a game today,” Darrell said on social media; “Shame the way it ended but oh well.”

While responding to criticisms on Twitter, Purnell’s official account on Twitter said, “unsavory scenes to end the game can’t be condoned” and both the bowler and the club’s captain had apologized.” The club authority, however, said that the matter will be dealt internally by the authority.

In the one-day match between second XI teams Minehead CC and Purnell CC in the Somerset Cricket League, Purnell batted first and hit 280 runs in 45 overs. Darrell mined a fabulous all-round performance who took 3 wickets for 22 runs before scoring an unbeaten 98.

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