‘An ‘8’ and an extra umpire to check No-balls!’

Former Australian batting great Dean Jones, the mastermind of changing approaches of one-day cricket in mid 80’s has appealed for further innovative techniques to be applied in T20 cricket.


In an interview to the official website of Global T20 Canada, Jones exposed the idea of having an extra umpire right behind the non-striker to call no-balls by the bowlers immediately rather that relying in technology.

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The 58-year old also flaunted the idea of awarding eight runs for a sixer travelling over 85 metres.

“Why can”t we say — if you hit a ball more than 85 metres, you have an 8? We”ve had a few 85m hits already in this competition.

“We have wonderful technology, it”s right on the money. I think we need to have an 8,” Jones said.

And about the extra umpire sitting on the line, Dean Jones said, “We need another umpire on the ground. Now why? Because there are too many no-balls that are being missed in every game.

“Now, the technology you need for a no-ball – the infra-red and all that they do for tennis – costs money. And it’s not instantaneous. Let me tell you why that matters. If I’m the coach of Islamabad United and I have one of my batsman, say Andre Russell, on strike.

“If he takes a single, goes to the other end, and then the technology comes back and says ‘that was a no-ball’ – I don’t want Andre Russell taking that single. He is the biggest hitter in the game. He needs to be on strike. So we need instantaneous calls,” Jones continued.

Jones who is currently in Toronto as a TV commentator as well as a brand ambassador for the GT Canada, went on explaining that the best position for such umpire will be behind the non-striker to get an unobstructed view of the bowlers front and back foot.


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