Extreme injustice happened with me : Bulbul

The first test centurian of Bangladesh, Aminul Islam Bulbul is associated with the rise of Bangladesh cricket.This batsman silently opposing the injustice happened with him, without officially announcing his retirement. He said that he will be available for the Bangladesh team till the day before his death in a live chat on BDCrictime.

Extreme injustice happened with me : Bulbul

Bangladesh started its journey in white on November 10, 2000 with the first Test match against India. Bulbul became the first Bangladeshi to score a Test century in that match. He has played only 13 Test matches. He scored 530 runs in his career.

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“I was 30 when we got Test status. I was dropped from the team between 31 and 32. I tell myself now, I could play Test matches for a few more days. When a 30-year-old boy plays a Test match with everyone, In fact, we all started then. A few of us were experienced. It took a long time to fill that space when we dropped out. I’m not saying we were very good performers, but we were experienced” said Bulbul.

The batsman has played 39 ODIs in his career. His collection in this edition is 694 runs. While in form, he was dropped from the team and did not receive a call.

“And speaking of ODIs, I’m lucky to have played 39 matches. But I could play a few more matches. Our last ODI match was against Pakistan. I scored 41 off 39 balls against the bowling of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Mustaq, Afridi and Razzaq. After that I was not given another chance” Bulbul griefed.

The 52-year-old batsman feels he has been treated unfairly, “They did not take me into the team based on their plans. I could have played ODIs for a few more days. But T20 would have been played. But the career could have been a little longer. I did not retire at that time because I felt I had been wronged. But I don’t blame anyone and I will never blame anyone.”

He kept the bat-pad as if he was a victim of injustice, but he has not yet announced his retirement from 22 yards. In the Bulbul words,

“Since I’m not retired I’m still available. But I will never get another chance. I did not retire in protest. When I die, I will retire. I will be available for the team till the day before my death.”

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