First women’s cricket shoe come to life

World’s women cricketers will not be required to put their feet in men’s shoes. ASICS Australia has designed the world’s first cricket shoe, specifically for females – developed in conjunction with Cricket Australia’s (CA) Women’s Team Physiotherapists and Athletes.

First women’s cricket shoe come to life

Kate Beerworth, Australian Women’s Team Physiotherapist & SSSM Co-Ordinator, speaking exclusively via Emily Simons, the Public Relations Account Manager, Lampoon Group, said, “It’s exciting to see the first women’s cricket shoe come to life. A lot of work has gone into it and it’s been a real team effort with my predecessor Kate Mahony driving the project for cricket in its infancy.”

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“There was a real need for a women’s cricket shoe, because women aren’t just smaller men! The female foot can be a lot narrower in certain parts, so a lot of players slide around in their

cricket shoes which leads to blisters, nail irritation and in some cases, foot and ankle pain”.

 “Previously, women’s sports footwear use moulds, known as a ‘last’, that are made for men’s shoes, with the ‘lasts’ reduced in size to cater for smaller female feet”, added physio. 

“Having a shoe that’s suited to women’s feet will offer far greater support, with some really positive feedback from the players trialing the prototype”.

“Having a shoe that fits properly will minimize sliding, prevent possible injuries and lead to an overall increase in confidence for female athletes”, the physiotherapist further added.

The name of shoe (350 NOT OUT FF) dates back to when ASICS first had the shoe in the range for Men, it was first called the 150 Not Out (after the highest score the developer had when he played) this then was updated each year when the shoe received an update – ie 200 Not Out, 250 Not Out – and now ASICS are up to the 350 Not Out in the Mens version – so they mirrored it with the women’s name.

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