Former Ranji cricketer murdered by his son

In the coronavirus crisis worldwide, there happens a thrilling affair in India. Former India Ranji cricketer K Jayamohan Thampi has been killed by his own son. His son Ashwin has been arrested for murder.

Former Ranji cricketer murdered by his son

Thampi, 64, was reported dead by a tenant on the second floor of his home. He informed the police about the stench coming from the ground floor. Even then, it was not known that 33-year-old Ashwin was his father’s killer. Later interrogation raised the suspicion of the police.

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Police recovered Thampi’s body on Monday morning. However, he died 36 hours earlier. But son Ashwin said he knew nothing about it. All in all, the police were suspicious. All the information came out in the interrogation.

No one lived in the flat except the father and son. “The father and son had a habit of regularly consuming alcohol together at home. On Saturday too, they consumed liquor.

“Aswin, who possessed Jayamohan Thampi’s debit card, wanted to withdraw money from the ATM to buy more liquor, which Thampi refused. This made way for a brawl between them,” an officer investigating the case was quoted as saying by Times of India.

“They brawled on the verandah of the house, where Thampi slipped and fell, banging his face against the floor. He lay there for some time until his son came back and dragged his body back inside the house. Then, he continued to consume liquor until he passed out,”

he added.

Thampi was a right-handed wicketkeeper-batsman in his playing career. He played six first-class matches. The former batsman played for Kerala from 1979 to 1982. He was also in the Kerala U-22 team for three years before that.

He has also worked in a bank. Has represented the bank in various tournaments for 15 years. The late cricketer was the selector of the junior state team in the nineties.

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