Former Test bowler paid 1,75,000 pound to bowl a wide!

Former Test bowler paid 1,75,000 pound to bowl a wide! British tabloid newspaper The Sun allegedly reported their undercover investigations uncovered two Indian bookies on attempt to fix matches in the ongoing Ashes series.

A thrusting video conversation revealed information about manipulating match conditions in the Indian Premier League.

Identified as Sobers Joban and Priyank Saxena, both are Indian bookmakers claiming spot fixing could be done in the third Ashes Test at Perth for 1,40,000 pounds.

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Acclaiming that spot fixing had been done in at least eighteen IPL games and a former Test cricketer was paid 1,75,000 pounds to deliver a wide for altering the run rate in the particular match, the video raised immense controversies among cricket fraternity.

The conversation of bookmakers as revealed by the Indian Express are like:

Joban: “I will give you work in the Ashes Test in Perth.”
The reporter: “So, do you think we might get something in the third Test.”
Joban: “Yes, sessions in Ashes…maybe first day or second day.”
Joban: “Yeah, runs, so it’s going to one session, the man will take Rs 60 lakh.”

Joban said he set simple signs to indicate the fixing is going on. Changing gloves in the middle of the game, bowlers start with a wide or getting stopped before delivering are indicative of fixing, said Joban in the video.

It is also known that Joban Sobers named international cricketers who worked for them in spot fixing.

Joban Sobers is a former cricketer from Delhi; meanwhile Priyank Saxena is an Indian businessman.

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