From Ashes star to firefighter! Former England cricketer to start new career

43-year old Geraint Jones is fully ready to make response when the call comes to start the energizing and possibly extremely testing new part in his varied professional life. He is all set to start his new journey in his life as on-call firefighter with his local brigade in Kent.

From Ashes star to firefighter! Former England cricketer to start new career

The world has already seen Jones in the role of savior. However, the role was different. Jones was one of the craftsmen to make England champion in the Ashes series five years ago. At Edgbaston in 2005, he dismissed Michael Kasprowicz with a great catch in the Ashes. Which gave England the desired victory fourteen years ago. Not just for England. The wicketkeeper batsman also played cricket for Papua New Guinea.

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From professional cricketer to firefighter! ‌ Absolutely different profession, different conduct, different pressure. After asking in an interviews if he becomes afraid to rescue someone from the fire, Jones replied, “It makes me nervous. Run to the station and get out. I’ve practiced the matter many times. But when I really need to reach the venue, I can understand the real pressure.” He’s not just training to become a firefighter, Jones also teaches business studies.

He also serves as a coach in school cricket. After asking, how he managed to do lot of professions he replied:

“Everyone ask me the same question. In fact, I wish I would work as a firefighter for a long time. When I played cricket, I tried once. But all was not well. A few months ago, a banner was noticed while passing by the fire station. I know they are taking people. At the moment of interest, the old desire becomes a headache. I just finished training on-call or part-time fire fighter last week. Waiting for the phone to come. Then I will come out with new responsibilities.”

Jones, who played 34 Tests, added, “Coaching at the school is my first responsibility. However, I agreed to work for 50 hours a week as a firefighter. I’ll be waiting for ‘on-call’ back from school. You can call me from the fire station until five in the morning. If I have school holidays, I want to work longer hours. I enjoyed the training episode. I know, I have to be much fit. Team work is important as well. We need to fight one on one if there is a fire or a major accident on the road. Over time However, it will take two years to complete the full training.”

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